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ProEdge Tennis Development

ProEdge's base program uses the SWAG methodology where the players are exposed to a variety of drills and games that build similar topics each week. Athletes compete at their best when they are "trained not to think" vs "not thinking". Meaning, you want to rehearse patterns, strategies, positioning in a repetitive manner so when the competition begins, they revert to their training - intuitively. To create this mastery, we have three base development program schedules at ProEdge. SWAG is an acronym for Simple, Well, Again and Grow. Do SIMPLE games and drills, do them AGAIN and again (with weekly variations of course), be sure they are done WELL and GROW! Beyond the base SWAG program, we add the pro model mindset of mastering customization. The professionals incorporate per their needs....coaching hours, pro hits, mental training, fitness regiment, practice sets and mental health. Our goal is to encourage and monitor that versatile development plan. Build a schedule where the students take ownership as well and embark on the journey together.

We want like-minded athletes who are looking to be a part of a network of athletes. Training together, pushing each other, encouraging each other and embracing growth. At ProEdge we anticipate our players from all three programs (Full-Time, Part-Time and After-School) to encourage and support one another. All three groups create what we see as one unit, a growth mindset development program that does not want to be consumed with the anchor mindset. We want to develop great players and still have individuals who want to be a part of something special. Learn commitment, passion, work-ethic and loyalty. A desire to be part of ProEdge means to embrace these ideals.

"There is no way around hard work. So embrace it."
Roger Federer
Tournaments - Local

SoCall is the home of numerous USTA, ITF, UTR, PTT & Pro tournaments. Use a periodization model to create a year long training and tournament plan. The local Orange County tournament offerings are extensive! Beyond OC we have even more alternatives in either the San Diego or Los Angeles communities as well!

Tournaments - Travel

Join some of the junior players looking to travel internationally for ITF events (visa required) or traveling to the largest USTA tournaments held yearly. We organize small groups of travel when possible and needs dictate.

College Placement

Extensive relationships with college coaches across the country have helped create a pipeline for students to take the next exciting step into their college career. Years of training high performance players and that pipeline has created countless opportunities for our junior players. Navigating through the scholarship process and college road map can be daunting. There is no greater feeling than watching these kids take those next steps to college and watching them evolve as they go through their journey. We are blessed to be a part of that pathway.


Limited availability Homestay opportunities with ProEdge. This is not a dorm structure. Boarders stay in a family home. We want our players who stay with us to feel like their SoCal ProEdge home is their new "home away from home".

We provide transport to and from the club, 5 dinners, daily breakfasts, weekly trip to grocery/shopping, mall, activities and beach trips.