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The ProEdge Tennis Development concept was formulated to alter how high performance tennis programming can influence the current generation of tennis players. Offering our athletes access to a "pro style" template where services cater more personally to the athletes needs. Using this pro training method (minus all the travel) to the junior tennis player, regardless of level, enhances growth and creates the ability to alter the training process. This construct allows for the most efficient approach to achieving optimal levels of development.

Our Services

ProEdge players are exposed to personalized coaching, a pro mindset methodology and development plans to help them reach their full potential. Private lessons, hitting lessons, pattern training, mental, emotional, challenge training, fitness and PT are all available to our players.

ProEdge Customization
SWAG Training

On-Court Tennis Training - Simple drills, do them Well, do them Again, & Grow!

SWAG is our daily program mindset where the players come together and develop as a whole. We want the players to be exposed to all the base elements that they need for proper foundational development. Weekly focuses include depth, shot tolerance, first strike tennis, aggressiveness, transition, point play, serving, multiple strategies and more.

Compare and contrast your swings with pro level players. See how your stroke can evolve and improve.

Training Enhancement New technology exclusive to ProEdge! Let AI evaluate your swing and send you your best strokes of the day. This exciting venture is currently under development.

AI Technology

Weekly mental sessions led by best seller author Frank Giampaolo. Learn the mental strategies and techniques used by professional tennis players to enhance your performance. Monthly topics include journaling, match strategies, between point rituals, goal setting and much more.

Full fitness program led by Legendary Strength Co. A top notch training facility where athletes will have assessments including sleep patterns, water consumption, nutrition, supplementation, injury evaluation, training timeline, goal setting, posture analysis, orthopedic analysis, breathing movement analysis, gait, skill level and comprehension. Beyond educating the athlete, they will be creating improved ProEdge athletes. Allowing our players to excel athletically, build personal confidence and minimize injury.

Break down the strokes relative to the greats and see how the stroke can be made more efficient. Having the strokes analyzed is extremely informative and eye opening. Simply looking for greater efficiencies and educating ones knowledge of the game, gives amazing focus and goal setting opportunities.

Video Analysis

Weekly sets to implement the development plan and prepare for competition. Build your tennis acumen and match play confidence by getting sets in on a regular basis. Practice various strategies and tactics. Have the sets recorded and sign-up for a "match rewatch"!

Weekly Sets/Matches
Set Play "Rewatch"

Watch recorded practice sets or provided tournament matches and partake in coach/player analysis of shot selection and court positioning. Learn from your own successes and failures. See your positioning and explore how you make in-action decisions.

Education is paramount to success and at ProEdge we want to provide the greatest education alternative possible. Therefore, we proudly affiliate ourselves with the private online academic academy ICL. The program is brought to you by the prestigious Dwight Online program and includes AP and honors courses. This fully accredited program is an educational leader and provides our students with all the necessary challenges required for them to attain all their academic aspirations!

Academic Online Education

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ProEdge Tennis Development has transformed my game. Their personalized coaching and mindset training has taken me to new heights.

I highly recommend ProEdge Tennis Development for anyone looking to improve their tennis skills. The coaching and support are exceptional.

"ProEdge made me resilient person even outside tennis"

ProEdge Tennis Development has helped me become a better player both on and off the court. I'm grateful for the guidance and expertise.

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At ProEdge Tennis Development, we are dedicated to inspiring a passion for the game and fostering sportsmanship among our players.

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