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Restring Service now available

Prompt re-stringing service is now available at Pro Edge Tennis Academy. Perfect for both social and competitive players. Variety of strings available (both synthetic gut and polyester). To put your racquet in for restringing contact Mitchell (0413 603 275) or Phil (0416 389 270).


  • Polyester restring $40.00
  • Synthetic Gut restring $30.00
  • Own string $20.00

Why should I restring my racquet when I have't broken any strings???

"As we play more often, the strings in our racquet lose tension and elasticity, which can negatively impact your game. Aspects of your game such as power, control and even spin can be influenced by changes in tension to the string. This can lead to inconsistency in shots, changes in technique and matches lost."

How often should I restring my racquet??? 

"The general rule of thumb is; the number of times you play per week is the number of times you should re-string your racquet per year. This means if you play 3 times a week, you should change your strings 3 times a year (granted, no broken strings).

However, there are many other factors to consider including:

  • Intensity and duration of play
  • Style of play - different grips will use more spin and wear the strings out more quickly
  • Level of competition