Yellow Ball (13+yrs)

● Mon-Fri: 5.30-6.30pm
● $150 per term (8 lessons)

The Yellow ball stage is perfect for 13+ year olds to engage in rallies and further develop their technique using full size court and balls. Players are able to practise new tactics and specific drills, increase speed, agility and fitness on the court in order to improve and challenge their game. These classes are beneficial for players new to competition to learn tactics suitable to their ability and to begin to start playing like their own tennis idols!

There is no designated age at which a player should move to the yellow ball; on average children tend to be ready for the full game around 12 – 13 years old, if they have progressed through the Red, Orange and Green stages. More advanced children who appear to be good enough to play yellow ball tennis earlier may move through earlier, but there is still a benefit in continuing to play with the Green ball to encourage good technical and tactical development, and having children compete where they feel challenged but not overwhelmed is crucial to keeping players in the game.

If a student misses a squad lesson due to personal reasons, the coaching team will endeavor to provide make up lesson options for a maximum of 2 missed lessons. A minimum of 24 hours notification to the coaching team is essential if you are missing a lesson.