Orange Ball (7-9yrs)

  • Tues/Weds/Thurs: 4.30-5.15pm | Saturday: 9.30-10.15am
  • $20 per term (8 lessons per term)
  • Maximum group size: 6

Orange ball stage is for children 7-9 looking to develop their shots and skills on the court. Using orange balls at 50% compression, and a slightly bigger court, it continues to provide an optimal striking zone to improve rallies and technique during longer points. Kids can begin to consolidate their skills in a fun environment that allows for learning the tactical and technical aspects of the game!

If a student misses a squad lesson due to personal reasons, the coaching team will endeavor to provide make up lesson options for a maximum of 2 missed lessons. A minimum of 24 hours notification to the coaching team is essential if you are missing a lesson.

Court size: 6.4 m × 18.29 m
Tennis ball: orange ball (50 per cent compression)
Recommended racquet size: 23–25 inches


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